Geothermal Energy

Untapped Unconventional Potential: Heat Flow & Source Bed Thermal Maturation

Speech highlighting the importance of crustal heat flow to kerogen kinetics and thermal maturation of hydrocarbons.

Sedimentary Geothermal Energy

The characteristics of natural geothermal reservoirs cover a wide spectrum in terms of temperature, depth, geometry, geology, and fluid chemistry.

Geostatistical Analysis of Bottom-Hole Temperatures and Heat Flow in the State of Texas, USA

This project seeks to perform such geostatistical analysis of data made available from the National Geothermal Database System (NGDS) for the State of Texas in order to better define the geothermal resources of a region.

Concept for a Distributed Baseload Binary Power Network

The geological setting of the Williston Basin with six geothermal aquifers having temperatures ranging from 80ºC to 145ºC and access to Missouri River water for cooling is conceptually ideal for distributed, binary power development. The …